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The Czech Energy Well FHR modular reactor at the SMR Summit in Atlanta, USA

The UJV Group presentation and the booth exposition will show next week (March 27-28, 2018) at the SMR Summit in Atlanta, USA the details of the conceptual design of the small modular fluoride cooled high temperature reactor.

The manipulator Valentin will be checking the turbine blades

At Pilsen Nondestructive Testing Laboratories, manipulator Valentin development has been completed to look for cracks on the blades of low-pressure parts of steam turbines. The manipulator uses a flexible eddy current probe to measure a stable probe pressure on the

Nuclear Technologies for 21st Century – International Conference in Řež

On September 13th, it was held in the ÚJV Conference centre in Husinec-Řež the one day international conference entitled “Nuclear Technologies for the 21st Century”, organized with the support of the project Research for SUSEN (R4S) by the Research Centre

SUSEN Centre – a Chance for Czech Industry and a Future for Young Researchers

Do not miss the interview of Jiří Richter, general manager of the Sustainable Energy – SUSEN Project in the All For Power Magazine. Download (in czech only) HERE.

Development of the methodology for nuclear fuel inspections continues within the CORD project

In the frame of the R4S (Research for SUSEN) project a new methodology for assessment of the geometry of fuel assemblies used at nuclear power plants was developed in CVŘ last year. A team performing nuclear fuel inspections designed an

CVŘ offers comprehensive services for the power industry

The second year of Science Research Innovation Conference was held in late February and early March of this year at Brno Exhibition Centre. They gathered representatives from science, academia, major industrial companies and government, who have thus created a platform

International Conference: SUSEN for Gen IV Development

The works on Gen IV reactors in Řež

A significant step towards the realization of Gen IV reactors was carried out in our laboratories. They gathered experts and representatives of state institutions in the Czech Republic and the USA to become acquainted with the evaluation of the experiment

LOCA – successful comprehensive test

On June 22nd, 2016 was successfully completed comprehensive testing of experimental equipment LOCA (Loss Of Coolant Accident) built under the Structural and system diagnostics program of project SUSEN. There was a pressure testing of the vessels, steam superheater and steam