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By joining the European Union, the Czech Republic became one of the member states benefiting from targeted support within European regional policy. For the period 2007–2013, all regions of the Czech Republic (except the capital city of Prague) are included in the Convergence target.
In compliance with the objectives of European regional policy, one of the priorities of the Czech Republic is to improve the competitiveness of the state and its orientation to a knowledge economy.

The operational program Research and Development for Innovations (henceforth “OP R&DI”) is one of the important operational programs contributing to meeting the foregoing objectives. The global objective of OP R&DI is to strengthen the research, development and innovative potential of the Czech Republic which will contribute to growth of competitiveness and create highly-qualified jobs to make the regions of the Czech Republic become important points of concentration of such activities in Europe.

The Sustainable Energy Project (SUStainable ENergy, SUSEN) is implemented as a regional R&D centre in Priority Axis 2 and its objective is to act as a relevant research partner for cooperation within the sphere of application including the establishment of partnerships and cooperation with important European research centres. This so-called large-scale project (over EUR 50 million) is to be approved by the European Commission.


OP OP R&DI (Czech lang.)

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