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Press Release: Large-scale Project “SUSTAINABLE ENERGY” (SUSEN) Initiation Conference April 4, 2012

The conference on initiation of the large-scale project “Sustainable Energy” (SUSEN) was held in the Conference Centre of the Nuclear Research Institute Rez on April 4, 2012. The objective of the conference was to:

  • Inform wider engineering and academic public about technical content of the SUSEN project
  • Specify the possibilities and conditions for cooperation of external organizations and universities on this project
  • Inform the attendants of the conference about the main strategic objectives of the holder of the project – the Research Centre Rez Ltd – in the area of energy research.

Basic information about the SUSEN project and the strategic objectives of the Research Centre Rez was presented by the Director of the Research Centre Rez, Ing. Martin Ruščák, CSc., MBA. The below listed guests presented their contributions at the conference:

Ing. Jan Kříž, Director of the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovations Management Division, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of theCzech Republic
Ing. František Pazdera, CSc., Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of theCzechRepublic
Ing. Aleš John, MBA, Director General of the Nuclear Research Institute Rez
Prof. Ing. Miroslav Šimadl, CSc., Prorector of theUniversityofWest BohemiainPlzeň

Detailed information about preparation and implementation of the SUSEN project was presented by the Project Manager, Ing. Jiří Richter. The Scientific Director of the Research Centre Rez, Ing. Jan Kysela, CSc., informed about the basic equipment and specialization of research within the SUSEN project. Ing. Jiří Slovák, Deputy Director of the Radioactive Waste Repository Authority and ing. Jan Horák from Škoda – JS Plzeň appeared as future potential users of the research infrastructure of the SUSEN project.

Conference conclusions may be briefly summarized as follows:

The SUSEN project is an extraordinary opportunity and challenge for the whole nuclear community in the Czech Republic; the project opens new possibilities for cooperation between Czech energy research organizations; the project offers wide possibilities for involvement of universities and professional growth of their students in the area of energy; the project bears the risks arising out of not-to-exceed deadlines and demanding success criteria.