The works on Gen IV reactors in Řež

A significant step towards the realization of Gen IV reactors was carried out in our laboratories. They gathered experts and representatives of state institutions in the Czech Republic and the USA to become acquainted with the evaluation of the experiment focused on the development of reactor systems FHR (Fluoride-salt-cooled high-temperature Reactor) and MSR (Molten Salt Reactor). In an experiment, the Czech-American research team performed and evaluated neutronic measurements of FLIBE molten salt, delivered by the American side of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. “The unique facility of our experimental LR-0 reactor was conducted consuming experiment which demonstrates the applicability of the proposed procedures and contributes significantly to the future use of unique material for future technological solutions based on molten salts“, said CEO Martin Ruščák. US Ambassador to the Czech Republic Andrew H. Shapiro praised by the famous example of good cooperation between our two countries and their research teams: “In this project, we see great prospects and contribution to the safety of nuclear power plants for the future of nuclear energy“, concluded the American ambassador.

At the end of the visit the guests visited the reactor LR-0 and a newly built complex of hot cells, which originated in the CVŘ in the project SUSEN.